Consistency is Key!

Like any form of marketing, a consistent approach is required on social media to gain effect results.

As you’ll know, there is nothing worse than building a following and then not informing them of what they are interested in and that’s why a consistent approach is required so your audience aren’t left hanging and you aren’t seen as “uninterested” with your social media.

Consistent, quality posting will keep your audience engaged but we all know how hard it can be to drop everything and post an intriguing post every time especially when life can throw challenges at us.

So what can you do ?

Well there are two things you could do to ensure your social media has a consistent approach.

Firstly, why not plan ahead and schedule your posts by using the Schedule Post button. This can be a life saver sometimes, especially if you have written an article or post a few weeks before hand meaning you have a pipeline of posts. If illness, holidays or business challenges arise, your social media is still seen as consistent.

The other solution is to outsource your social media to a third party who will manage this for you and it’s their job to ensure your social media is consistent. Obviously, this is where we can help, and it does come at a cost, but at least you have a consistent approach to your social media marketing.

Food for thought…..



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