Instagram Tips and Tricks for you

Today we are sharing some great tips and tricks that you can use on Instagram to increase your social media activity.


Post when your audience are on line. 

Before you consider posting photographs to Instagram account, have you considered whether your audience will be on line ? Consider your audience and the time zone around the world.

By posting throughout the day, you can assume your audience will be checking their accounts throughout the day. If you are targeting London based clients, then why not post then commuters will be on the train travelling ?


Use Popular Hashtags

Do you know the popular hashtags which relate to your posts ? A simple google search will reveal the most popular ones. Some “buzz” hashtags on Instagram are #tbt (throwback Thursday), #instadaily, #photooftheday, #instagood.

Just bear in mind the number of hashtags when you post. It can look a little busy if you list a number of hashtags out so we would recommend sticking with approximately 3 hashtags per photo.


Use photographs to engage your audience

If your followers are following your account and engaging with likes and comments, why not invite them to answer a question by posting a photograph with a question contained. This is a great way to engage your audience and attract comments to your post.


Use Apps

Instaframe: Instaframe is a free app that allows you to create collages of your photographs meaning your posts will become more attractive to your audience. Of course there are plenty of options out there and a simple search in your App Store on your phone will give you a number of options to consider.


Use Video

By using video on your Instagram account, you’ll be engaging your fans in a different way. We all know the power of video to promote products, events or services so why not try it today. You could also ask questions or invite responses from your audience.


Are You Maxing your Instagram Bio ?

So people are interested in you and what you offer, but are you maximising the opportunity by including all the relevant information ? By using Instagram to attract attention initially, you could lead your followers to your website or contact details so they can learn more or purchase your products.


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