Concerned About Outsourcing Your Social Media For Fear Of Us Knowing Your Passwords ?

When we talk to businesses about our social media management services, the one thing that always raises an eyebrow is the fact that we don’t actually need passwords of your accounts to work for you!

Yes it’s true!

So how does it work ?
When we take on a new client, we send them a link to authorise third party access. Once the link is authorised, we will have access to post on your behalf directly to your accounts.

Why our clients love it!
For a start, they are totally in control still of one of the most valuable assets in this day and age – their social media accounts. Our clients also have confidence in us that we won’t change valuable information connected to their accounts and should anything happen to our business, they still have ownership and access to their accounts.

So if you would like to know more about how we can help you with your social media marketing, call us on 01536 869965 to arrange a free social media review.

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