Welcome to Red Octagon, A Social Media Management Business

Welcome to Red Octagon, a Social Media Management Business 

Here to help you with your social media!

I’ve had an interest in social media for the last ten years and have trained over 150 business owners on how to use social media, especially Twitter.

Recently this year, I’ve worked with Kettering Borough Council to train local business owners on how to use Twitter and in March and June this year I was honoured to be invited to the Amazon Academy in Newcastle and Glasgow to provide digital marketing support to Amazon retailers across the UK.

With my social media management services, I work closely with the business owner or marketing manager to ensure I gain a full understanding of my client’s business before providing content and ideas to them to promote them on their social media accounts.

My 121 bespoke training courses are perfect for small business owners where we will work closely together to understand the business and then help guide them through their social media journey.

All this is done with professionalism and, as passwords to your social media accounts aren’t required, my clients remain in full control at all times of their social media accounts.

So would you be interested in learning more ? Why not complete our contact form and have a conversation about how we can help.

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