What Is A Hashtag ?

With an increasing number of images posted on social media accounts around the globe every minute, it can be hard to get noticed.

So welcome the Hashtag!

A hashtag is a keyword or phrase which starts with the hash symbol (#) and enables users of social media to search for your content under that keyword or phrase.

By including hashtags in your posts, users of social media can find your posts and photographs with ease. It’s key for businesses to add hashtags to their posts relating to content, products or services so a business can be found when users are searching for content on line. For example, an umbrella sales company may include posts with #rain or #wet for anyone who is searching for those hashtags.

Hashtags can also be used to signpost users of social media to related content. Followers of the X Factor will tweet with the hashtag of #xfactor on their tweets. Why not search and follow the hashtags on line and see what you can learn.




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